Christmas Trees available at our farm

Choose-and-cut Christmas Trees:
     * Leyland cypress, 2 varieties, "Leighton Green", "Murray"
     * White pine
     * Virginia pine
     * Carolina Sapphire
     * Eastern Red Cedar

Pre-cut Christmas Trees:
     * Fraser fir (Sold out as of Sunday, November 26, 2017 for this season)

Leyland Cypress - This tree is one of the most popular and favorite Christmas tree in the south. It does not shed needles and is an excellent tree for those people who have allergies to other trees because there is very little fragrance. It has a very attractive shape and density. It is fire resistant and the needles are soft to the touch. The branches are not as sturdy as some pines; but will last for months if kept in water. The difference between a Leighton & Murray are very slight. The Murray's leaves are somewhat lacy compared to the Leighton but both are beautiful.

White Pine - This tree has soft needles, good color and holds its needles well. It has an excellent pine fragrance and is one of the most popular pine varieties throughout the nation. It has an excellent shape; density and will hold a lot of ornaments

Virginia Pine - This pine tree has strong branches to support heavy ornaments. The needles are soft, sometimes twisted and has good needle retention. It also has a pleasant pine fragrance.

Carolina Sapphire - We grow the Carolina Sapphire variety of this Arizona Cypress tree which is soft and very fragrant trees with a minty aroma. The Carolina Sapphire tend to look more teal green in color. It has good shape, density and color. Needle retention is similar to the Red Cedar; will dry out quickly if not kept in water.

Eastern Red Cedar - This tree has a good shape and aroma; but the needles are sticky. You might find a cedar apple or two in your tree. It holds a lot or ornaments; but we recommend not cutting over 2 weeks in advance because it will dry out quickly if not kept in water.

Fresh-Cut Fraser Firs - (SOLD OUT AS OF SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 26, 2017 FOR SEASON) These trees are native to higher elevations of western North Carolina and cannot be grown successfully In our climate here; therefore, we buy freshly cut Fraser fir from a farm in North Carolina and immediately slice a small piece off the bottom and put your tree in water to keep it fresh. Short needles, strong branches, strong aroma, excellent needle retention when kept in water.

Suggestion for Care of Your Tree: If you do not put up your tree immediately, store it outside, be sure the butt is in water. A seal will form over the cut within 1 hour & the amount of water the tree will drink will be reduced. A new cut about 1 inch above the original cut should be made before placing the tree in water. Fresh trees usually drink a gallon or more of water each day, so be sure you use a stand with a water bowl of at least one gallon. Check to make sure the water level does not fall below the cut or a seal will form and your tree will stop drinking and your tree will begin to die.